Welcome to the world's adult playground. Mykonos is the Acropolis of PubClub destinations, a place where the afternoon scene exceeds the nightlife at many other destinations, where nights roll effortlessly into daybreak and where meeting people is as easy as seeing them. Mykonos is Club Med without the choreography. It's nightlife is so active and the people so friendly, it's impossible not to become intoxicated from its lively atmosphere.

Anixi Lounge
Tel: 22890/79295
A place that was immediately adopted by the Myconians themselves. The lounge aesthetic blends smoothly with the Cycladic atmosphere. Good place to relax and enjoy yourself. Open from the morning for coffee, juice, cold dishes, Interned and board games.

Tria Pigadia
Tel: 22890/24767
One of the island’s classic meeting places. Bar with interesting visual effects. Eclectic music, with a little of everything and the emphasis on hits. Among the most fashionable hangouts for the rich and famous.

Town sea side, next to "Jackie O"
Tel: 22890/25152
Same gay friendly style and crazy ambience, dance music and table outside, on the pier, for relaxation.

Better - Ex Celebrities
Matoyianni near Aghia Kyriaki
Renovated with new decor, white and beige background and many tables for accomodate all guest. Greek and international music.

Blu - Blu
Old port area, next to the Mykonos Museum
Tel: 22890/28711
Chill - out cafe bar, from the owners of "Cavo Paradiso", with a super view of the old port. Ambient music, chill out and electronica keep you company while you enjoy your drink. It has a Internet cafè as well plus just added Restaurant Blu with mediteranean cuisine.

8 Lambrou Katsoni
Tel: 22890/24541
The most famous spot on the Venetia, with the most fought-over tables for afternoon cocktails (very good, very expensive). Good main-stream music keeps the fun and the dance parties going well into the night. The place to watch the sunset from. Very good fruit punches and top hits of the sound track.

Cavo Paradiso
Tel: 22890/27205/26124
One of the top 3 summer dance clubs in the world. Its idyllic location, the most beautiful view in the Aegean, is a big plus, as are the big name DJs who come here every summer from around the world. Things really get going after midnight. Also a club boutique with club wear, gadgets, accessories, and a small cafe near the entrance.

Tel: 22890/23022
It opens the morning for coffee, till late at night with music of the 80's and unbelievable liveliness. The music is groovy: it go from latin to rock and house tunes depending of the mood.

Little Venice
Tel: 22890/27271
Legendary Vangelio welcome you to her bar with cool music, with a judicious selection of Greek and a mixed clientele including everything from celebrities to lesbians. This year Diva houses two separated bars of similar style.

Little Venice
Tel: 22890/27188
It open every day from 11 a.m. till 3.30. a.m. One of the best places to watch the sunset. In the evening the music moves smoothly from pop to reggae.

Aghia Kiriaki
Near to the famous Piero's bar
Gay bar, don't miss out the show of the Drag Queens.

Tel: 22890/26333
Must spot for drinks. The ambience of the stylish courtyard, designed by Paola Navone, the really good drinks (excellent selection of tequilas), the impeccable margaritas, the judiciously chosen soundtrack have assured its success.

Tel: 22890/79167-8
Retro glamorous cosmopolitan atmosphere and air of the '70, champagne at the bar... remains the most frequented meeting point of the island.

Tel: 22890/24114
A brand new chic cafe bar in town, mostly of people sit on the stairs outside as is situated on a great meeting point.

Montparnasse - The Piano Bar
Little Venice
Tel: 22890/23719
This unique place keep its live New York style cabaret entertainment every night. Extensive cocktail list, lot of fun and lovely atmosphere with nice and quality people.

Oniro Bar
Port - behind the archaeological museum
Tel: 22890/24045
Best view of the harbour. Opens early, with a cool atmosphere and easy listening music. Good place to sit and relax, romantic setting, good cocktails, with or without alcohol.

Aghia Kiriaki
Tel: 22890/22177
The most famous gay bar on the island, and one of the most famous in the world. Always lively, full of people of extream appearance and attitude. From early on a haunt of drag queens, in a steady parade that leaves New York’s gay pride in the dust. The music is a succession of dance hits, mainly house, with very strong beats. Multiracial meeting place for people of every age and nationality, including a large number of straight people who appreciate the music.

Porta Bar
behind Nikos Tavern
Tel: 22890/27087
Hidden in a narrow street behind Nikos Taverna. One of the most «hardcore » gay bars on the island. As you go down the stairs, the atmospheric surroundings rise to meet you submerged in a dim light, with music from the 70s playing in the background. Its main advantage is its friendly atmosphere.

Little Venice
Tel: 22890/23142
It has a small balcony overlooking the sea and the sunset and plays low beat music. Mostly American, English and Australian hang around here.

On the entrance of the town
Opened four years ago right next to La Notte, moved this year in the building hosting the famous Remezzo, this club has become one of the most succesful spot in Mykons, attracting the cream of the beau monde on the island. A lot of Latin American music from Argentinian tangos 'till Cuban ballades. Very strict face control.

Scandinavian Bar
Ioanni Voinovich
Tel: 22890/22669
One of the oldest night-life spots on the island. The low prices mean you can drink a lot. The Scandinavian is still a mainstream club, although lately it has been tending to lean towards disco.

Super Paradise
beach bar
Tel: 22890/27205
Nestled at the end of the beach with a small pool. Much used by people who are on the beach all day and decide to enjoy the rhythm of music. Large presence of girls.

Paradise beach
Tel: 22890/26990
Famous beach bar and popular meeting place for young foreign tourists and others. By 05.00 p.m. the place has become a mad party scene, with main-stream house hits and heavy boozing.