Rome’s nightlife starts late. It is not unusual for locals to meet up for dinner around 9.30 or even 10. After a big dinner, a long discussion will start ( for what it’ll seem like an eternity) about where to head to for the night. Having said that, you have to be aware of the fact that Rome is unique, even when it comes to nightlife and entertainment. She is different from any other capital in the world.

Supper Club
Via de Nari, 15 - behind Pantheon
Tel.: +39 06.68807207
One of the most exclusive locations in the capital, the Supperclub offers a new way to experience the dinner. Multi-sensory experience in which the origins of the ancient Roman feast are rediscovered and renewed in the contemporary concept of Dorming. The Supper Club is also a space dedicated to creativity, characterized by the combination of food and art with sounds, lights and images. It is a ideal set for social events, communication, culture, fashion and entertainment.

Via di Monte Testaccio, 69
Tel.: +39 06.57250585
This is one of the most well known spot in town, on 2 floors(dance floor is located in a cave) and with a beautiful courtyard with a japanese style garden, very enjoyable in the summer time. The music changes here, depending on the evening(house or black music, easy listening or electronic).

Radio Londra
Via di Monte Testaccio, 67
Tel.: +39 06.5750041
Local small, for the chosen few, in the only kingdom house music where sexual prohibitions is abolished. Slightly compressed, sometimes highly compressed ... but it's worth, especially if the first time!

Via Libetta, 13 - Ostiense
Tel.: +39 06.75748277
An institution between the roman discos. Trendy, with wood and metal interior design and plasma Tv screens, it is the home of the well known dj Claudio Coccoluto and of famous Italian and international house and tecno djs( like Martin Solveig or Riccardo Villalobos). Call in advance to make sure you can get in: you usually have to be on a list to be able to get in.

La Maison
Vicolo dei Granari, 3
Tel.: +39 06.6833312
La Maison is an elegant Nightclub, very chic with a concept of the glittering night. It's more than a place to spend the night, is a crossroads in the heart of Rome the most elegant drawing room of the capital.

Art Cafè
Via del Galoppatoio, 33
Tel.: +39 06.36006578
Located in the shopping arcade of Villa Borghese, the Art Cafe always tip on exclusivity and acquaintances with the world of fashion and entertainment. At the same time can be an elegant restaurant, a nightclub where unleash their follies of fun until the morning.

Saponeria Club
Via degli Argonauti, 20
Tel.: +39 06.5746999
The Saponeria is a structure of 350 mq designed to enhance the musical experience of the public. After numerous restyling dictated by attention to design trends, the Saponeria is today characterized by a minimalist style that tends to heighten the atmosphere of a great architectural loft.

Piper Club
Via Tagliamento, 9
Tel.: +39 06.8555398
The Piper Club is a historic Nightclub, one of the most exclusive of the capital, with a capacity of 1000 people and an audience consisting mainly of a very attentive young audience with new music trends. On stage at the Piper took turns internationally renowned artists such as Pink Floid, the Who etc.

45 Giri
Via Libetta, 19
Tel.: +39 06.57288666
Arrives in the evening and the night lights to 45 Giri with its strobe lights and mirror ball in the middle of the dance floor. Musical selections different every night makes it special. The most popular DJ at the console will take turns dominating the bar and on the dance floor. The Art Direction is entrusted to Dj Fargetta.