Part of the holiday pleasure in Rome is discovering your very own favourite trattoria. In our opinion, it's hard to eat badly in Rome. But for those who'd like some guidance, here are our suggestions.

Cul de Sac
Piazza Pasquino, 73
Tel.: +39 06.68801094
This is an enoteca - wine bar - which serves good wines by the glass and also does great food - ideal if you want one or two dishes, rather than a long formal meal. It's a narrow place like a corridor, so there's not much space and single diners may end up sharing a table.

Osteria del Gallo
Vicolo di Montevecchio, 27 - near Navona Square
Tel.: +39 06.6873781
It offers a complete menu, including appetizers, pastas and other first courses, main courses of meat and fish, salads, seasonal vegetables, homemade desserts. Large cellar of whites, reds, dessert wines.

Zio Ciro
Via della Pace, 1
Tel.: +39 06.6864802
Another chain, this time serving Neapolitan pizzas and rich desserts. There's a branch with a very handy location near Piazza Navona, on Via della Pace. It has tables inside and outside.

Navona Notte
Via del Teatro Pace, 44
Tel.: +39 06.6869278
There's nothing flash or fancy about this pizzeria, which makes it ideal for tourists on a budget. There is a wide range of good, cheap pizzas, no extras are added to the bill, and the tables inside and out are usually full.

Dar Poeta
Vicolo del Bologna (Trastevere)
So busy that they ran out of cutlery when we were there, Dar Poeta serves legendary pizzas and generous, filling bruschette.

La Parolaccia
Vicolo del Cinque, 3 - Trastevere
Tel.: +39 06.58303633
The dirty word is a mythical restaurant in Trastevere, known for service-based rather atypical words. You go strictly to 20.30 and there sits where is the spot, including a table already occupied by others (minimum 6 settings). Start a dinner-show in which an animator, a pianist and all staff, bestow jokes at the expense of heavy unlucky customers. Forget about the menu and wine list and expect an appetizer, 2 first, 1 second joint of roast meat, side dishes and desserts, wine and mineral water. The atmosphere is joyful even when the jokes are made very heavy (90% of cases), because anyway you have to be at the game.

Via Torino, 33 - near Metro Repubblica
Tel.: +39 06.4740066
A smart restaurant with a restrained atmosphere on weekdays, Target is handily located for the Teatro dell'Opera, and opens late. Good house wine. Highlights include cold dessert crepes, and the orecchiette ('little ears' pasta).

Gusto 28
Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 28 – near Spagna Square
Tel.: +39 06.68134221
A restaurant, pizzeria, wine bar and bookshop. It's been around a few years now, but Gusto is still a modish spot for Sunday brunch as well as serving good dinners and pizzas. Outdoor tables are atmospherically located, opposite the Mausoleum of Augustus.

Via Goffredo Mameli, 5 - Trastevere
Tel.: +39 06.5882060
A cult of the locations of the evenings Trastevere, a restaurant destination of many members of the Show-Biz, which the crowd especially on Monday, when the space is available to organize private parties and exclusive. The environment is certainly effect, with soft lights and warm colors. The menu is based on tradition, with particular attention to the Roman cuisine. The pasta dishes are fabulous, well cared for in the presentation.

Largo Del Teatro Valle 4
Tel: +39 06.45476337
CO2 combines culture, food and good taste. A brasserie fast and slow, morning to night. Dynamic for lunch, relaxed and elegant dinner. The dishes looked for even the most "rapid" half-day, quality of products and research make it an excellent gastronomic address for true lovers of good food. Traditional Italian flavors, here revisited with Mediterranean ingredients, first encountered traditional meat and fish, excellent second and home-made desserts.