This Regulation stands for the General Conditions of the Contract. It rules the Agreement with the customers (that is to say, those who avail the services offered by the website and it holds the conditions which rule the use of the services offered by Calabria Management S.n.c., located in Santa Maria di Catanzaro (CZ) Italy – Viale Magna Grecia, 35 – Zip code 88060; P. IVA and Identification Number 02492840794. The properties for renting are run by in the name and on behalf of the real estate owners following market prices as shown on the on-line catalogue published on the website Every property is rented under the conditions explained in the website. All the images in it and all the others eventually added as integration or modification, are to be considered in case of dispute.
The renting price published on the website is in Euro. The extra costs, not included in the renting price, are shown in the webpage of the referred house.

The amount of the deposit, which is to be considered as a booking confirmation, changes on the basis of the length of the stay and of the chosen property. It is fixed directly by the real estate owner. It is not a firm percentage, but it changes according to the owner requests. Sometimes the payment of the full amount before the arrival, is required. The deposit is to be paid off through a bank transfer.

The rented property is to be returned undamaged and in the same conditions of the delivery. The Customer is considered responsible for every damage occurred during the stay. Arrival time is foreseen between 3.00 pm and 8.00 pm, where there is no different agreement. The property has to be handed over by 10.00 am of the departure day. On his/her arrival, the Customer needs to show the Voucher and his/her ID. The real estate owner will welcome the Customer and will let him/her the keys of the property. He will also show all the rooms, the services and the reserved areas for the Customer.

Whether the number of people is exceeding the agreed number, the contract is to be considered automatically terminated by losing the deposit as a penalty clause. To this end, the holder of the Voucher is the only responsible for the declaration that he/she has made.

The rented properties have facilities and equipments as shown in the website. No lined is included, except for some of them. Therefore, the Customer will take it with him or will hire it at his/her own expenses.

The demand for booking lasts 48 hours. The booking will be effective only after receiving the deposit. The Customer has to send us via fax or e-mail, a copy of the transfer. Whether the Customer does not comply with booking and deposit transfer procedures, the booking will be considered not valid.

The Voucher will be sent by e-mail once the Customer deposit transfer is received on our bank account. The Voucher will show all the details to get to the property and the references of the real estate owner; this is to give our Customers the chance to easily get to his/her destination.

9. BOOKING CHANGES OF CANCELLATION will try to satisfy, at its own discretion, any request concerning changes of the booking regarding the period of stay or the accommodation, whether this is possible. If changes are not possible, the request will be equivalent to losing the deposit.

If the Customer intends to cancel the booking for any reason, the Customer has a right to get a reimbursement for the deposit, after deducting booking charges and the following penalties:

• 10% of renting price for cancellations received to the last 70 days before the renting period starts;
• 30% of renting price for cancellations received from 69 to 30 days before the renting period starts;
• 75% of renting price for cancellations received from 29 to 15 days before the renting period starts;
• 90% of renting price for cancellations received from 14 days to the day before the renting period starts;
• 100% of renting price for cancellations received on the same day when the renting period starts, or later;

The renting balance will be paid off by the Customer on his/her arrival directly to the real estate owner, unless it was established that the total amount had to be paid before the arrival.
All the descriptions in the website are real and they are edited in good faith following the descriptions given by the real estate owner. disclaims all responsibility for any change brought by the owner or after the creation/updating of the webpage. Once the property is delivered, all damages caused by the Customer or regarding the current maintenance (blockage of WC and sinks, socket damages, substitution of light bulbs, etc...) will be charged on the Customer. All eventual damages are to be reported by the Customer to the real estate owner who will have them repaired as soon as possible. Any claim shall be immediately reported and, in any case, not later than 48 hours from the event, otherwise the Customer who has spontaneously left the apartment will lose any right to be eventually refunded for part of or the whole renting. Any claim reported at the end of the stay or even later, will not be taken in consideration. In case of claims, the Customer shall give the time to solve the eventual problems. is at no title responsible for any theft, even if it takes place inside the property.

The booking of a property by a Customer and the subsequent access to it, entails the acceptance by law of all the general conditions concerning the renting. The Customer, that is to say the one who pays off the deposit through a bank transfer and who holds the Voucher, will be responsible for the renting.

The contracting parties acknowledge that all contracts which last less than 30 days are not subject to communication to P.S.

For any dispute concerning the present general conditions, the Court having jurisdiction is the one in Catanzaro, and this is expressly accepted by the contracting parties. The contract is ruled within the Italian law.

D. Lgs 196/03 is committed to process personal data under the existing Italian law.

The deposit may be paid through:
Bank Transfer in favour of: “Calabria Management S.n.c.”
The money transfer shall indicate : the period of the stay and the place.


This regulation is intended to create a nice commercial relation between the Customer and the real estate owner. We all want that our house is nicely treated and we all expect to find a welcoming and clean house, with all facilities and services and that could meet our expectations.